Guest Post: Richard Foley, Naktiv

Richard Foley is an ex-pat Londoner, living in Munich, a naked activist, author of “The World Naked Bike Ride” and “Active Nudists” books, webmaster at, and chief bottle-washer. He walked across the European Alps in 2005, from Germany, through Austria and into Italy, naked. He explains the Naktiv principles, and why he’s co-founded Nook, the social networking site for naturists.

Richard Foley

Naktiv: the word is a combination of Naked and Active. Anita and Wolfgang Gramer first described this lifestyle as a way to bring nakedness into your daily life. The core idea is that there is no requirement to hide yourself, in the time-honoured manner of traditional nudists, behind gated compounds.

Instead we can take our nudity into the great outdoors, into public spaces, into our neighbourhood, and into our daily working life. For too long nudists have been hiding from the rest of the world, as if secretly ashamed of their private habits, and it is time to come out of the closet, naked.

Modern online social media, like Facebook, Twitter, etc. are great ways to share information amongst like-minded folk but, too often, these monoliths are controlled by corporate-think and judgemental puritan attitudes which foster an atmosphere where people report on, and ban, each other, instead of working together. Ostensibly for sharing information, it is quite common to see swift and extensive censorship of harmless naked photos like; breastfeeding, works of art, documentary works, social protests, etc.

It is important for modern society that people are exposed to healthy nudity, which is in direct contrast to the sex and violence we see reported on the news and in the crime dramas every day.

Naked people need to learn from the highly successful tactics of the gay movement and to take our lifestyle into the public eye. To demonstrate that if you see a naked person you won’t actually expire, you’ll probably just smile. And as we all know, smiling helps you to live a longer and happier life. It’s all good.

The Naktiv website supports naked activities everywhere, and has always stood for naked freedom. This is why we have set up the all-new Naked Online [is] OK social network, as a safe place to go to share our naked thoughts and images with one another.

Nook members getting naked and active

Nook members getting naked and active

The Nook is a place which explicitly discards puritan Facebook style censorship, and expressly invites naked imagery and, although we still have our rules they are minimal compared to the mainstream.

It is a place which encourages us to push our boundaries a little. We enjoy a little dialogue and want to encourage others to share their experiences too. We might not all share precisely the same ideas about nudity, but we generally have a large degree of overlap which often starts by being dissatisfied with the mainstream social media options.

The site already has many nudists and naturists, and naked activists of all sorts, signed up and sharing their views. We’re not all club members though, some have very different ideas about what is acceptable in terms of public nudity, or social nudity, or online nudity. We don’t all agree with one another. This is good.

Wouldn’t the world be a boring place if we all thought the same, like robots? We revel in our individualism and share a common idea: naked is ok. Maybe you’d like to come along and take a look, and maybe participate?

Nudists and naturists, and naked people everywhere, need to stop being ashamed of what they do, and to exclaim “I am naked, and that is ok!” The Nook is one place you can do that.

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